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Smart investment, high speed

Building a team to get a product v1 out of the door will take you much longer than hiring us. Being fast and good comes with time and we have that experience.


Pay for when you really need it

Paying for an in-house tech team if you don't need them in certain phases is a waste of resources.


React to the scarcity of professionals

People like us are hard to get. Teams like us are even harder to get and hardest to retain. Most company cultures aren't attractive for professionals like us to work for full-time.


Phase Flexibility

Products go through different phases which need different people. Hiring employees and having to let them go after a year usually isn't worth it. If you're sure you'll master your current phase with a team like us, we are your best bet.


Total Investment efficiency

A $1 spent on Bonsai is a $1 spent on a software creator. We don't have an overhead team of salespeople, managers and shareholders to compensate who only drive project costs up and deliver you no direct value.


Skin in the game

Our team size is the sweet spot for the work we do and we have full ownership of our company. What's a better indicator of your project getting the full attention and love it needs?

Focus on the business, we'll do the rest

We offer you the peace of mind of knowing that you are in good hands.

Our main service is to meet your needs

We find solutions to your problems

Front-end multiplatform applications, scalable cloud infrastructures, complex 3D visualizations... No project is out of your reach.

Custom web application development

We make your ideas come true using the most advanced and optimal technologies for your project.

Dedicated Web Development Team

We give a boost to your company's projects by joining in as an independent development unit.

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About Us

Bonsai founders

Ignacio Ramos

Ignacio Ramos

Founder. Strategy

Obsessed with the process of continuous improvement. If something poses a challenge, he will find it inviting. Uncontrollable competitive gene.

Antonio Esquembre

Antonio Esquembre

Founder. Technology

Software engineer specialized in 3D and data visualization technologies. Passionate about teaching, ancient editors and esoteric programming languages.

Sara Moreno

Sara Moreno

Founder. User interface & usability

Specialist in crafting high-quality digital product experiences. Likes reading, painting and illustrating and has created over 1000 artworks.

Juan Luis García

Juan Luis García

Founder. Technology

Inveterate techie and expert drone pilot. Has created dozens of videogames and web experiences. No stack is out of reach.

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Why companies trust us

We let our work speak for itself


We offer the certainty that things are being done right.

Our codebase is clean and commented in a way that allows for perfect transferability to in-house teams.


True agile does not understand methodologies.

We are ready to pivot at any time if your project requires it.


Our business model is based on looking after your interests.

We are not just another agency, we are the partner you are looking for.

Where you can find us:

Sector Literatos 38. 28760, Tres Cantos. Madrid (Spain)

I’m saving tons of project management time with Bonsai, because they listen very carefully, ask the right questions upfront and have an eye to engineer excellent web applications you will only get from senior people. They’re specialized and absolutely premium when it comes to UI/UX heavy React based web apps.

Daniel Seiler

Founder at Aucta


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